Colonic is a thorough cleansing of the colon (large intestine), using only warm purified water. During the treatment there is a continuous inflow and outflow of water that doesn’t allow pressure to build up, which makes it for a comfortable and safe session. The therapist is with you during the whole session, doing firm abdominal massage to assure gentle and effective release. It usually takes 45 mins to an hour to empty out a colon. Gravity method colonic gently detoxifies and cleanses your system by moving the accumulated waste out of your body quickly, giving your body a chance to naturally refocus on rejuvenating itself. It will assist the body to eliminate pounds of unwanted toxic fecal matter and help to restore health and vitality to your entire body.



The major factor for chronic fatigue and low energy can simply be a lack of essential vitamins in the body. If your digestive system isn’t able to absorb all the nutrients from food, it misses out on vital sustenance. An unhealthy colon can have undigested food build up which blocks the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients and eliminate the waste. This matter will turn toxic so by flushing through the colon with water, colonic can deeply detoxify your colon and restore it’s normal function.


Although bloating is sometimes caused by serious medical conditions, it is most often caused by the diet and some foods or ingredients you are intolerant to. Studies show that constipation can often exacerbate symptoms of bloating. Colonic is the proven top remedy to relieve gas and bloating. It is the safest and most effective method to remove bowel obstructions, so that the colon may pass blocked fecal matter and release trapped gas.


Many people likely have years of impacted waste material in their colon. Accumulated toxins may be absorbed into the system and over time may stress the organs of elimination which are the liver, kidneys, skin, and large intestine. The toxins move around and around in the lymph system and blood, slowly causing auto-intoxication which then leads to disease. Colonic is a very effective and simple way to relieve constipation and get rid of the toxic build up.


Practitioners and devotes of colonic agree, there is no clear and beautiful skin without a clean colon and proper functioning eliminating organs. What happens in the colon is directly seen in the skin. Regular colonic sessions and clean diet can clear up acne, psoriasis and eczema, and even a single session can give an immediate glow to the skin.


If you are feeling sluggish, constantly fighting off colds, flu and allergies, if you are craving sugary foods, fighting a foggy brain, its a sign your body needs a cleanse/detox. Colonic is a great way to start. Most clients report feeling lighter, emptier, uplifted, energized, less bloated, happier and more at ease after one or series of treatments.


Headaches and brain fog are very simple indicators that your body is overloaded with toxins. If your headache is not related to tight neck muscles, dehydration or stress, its a good sign its time for colonic. Getting rid of impurities through a detox helps immediately. When your cells aren’t burdened with processed foods, sugars, fats and heavy proteins and they are soaking up nutrient dense foods and getting the nourishment they need and want, you will be amazed how much more clearly your brain can function.